Old Dog

The phrase can’t teach an old dog new tricks is rattling around my head.  The reason why is my Nan.  For years she put all the responsibilty on my granddad.  Even when he was alive she refused to do or that matter learn to do anything.  “Hey Nan why don’t you fill out that cheque for the electricity?”  “oh your granddad will do it”  I remember her getting ticked off that my Mom and Granddad were having a discussion on politics and she was left out.  My mom threw a newspaper at her, “here read it then you’ll know what were on about.”  Of course she didn’t read it.  Everything has always been the responsibility of someone else.  In November it will be a year that my granddad has died and she hasn’t done anything.  Granted her mind isn’t what it used to be but she is absolutely clueless about everything.

She wants me to buy birthday cards, anniversary cards forge them for her and send them.  She did say that she would reimburse me for it but that involves using the post office in the first place!  I told her No.  She retaliated with “I can’t go to the Post Office to get it weighed.” So I looked up the postage rates on the royalmail.com and gave her the postage for standard rates from the UK to the USA.  I got a, “We’ll see.”  Stamps and Cards are available at British Supermarkets along with bad DVD’S and button up shirts.  There are even post office slots scattered around.  She has lived in the same Cornish Village for nearly 25 years but everything is a fraking mystery to her.  My sister-in-law once used a great line regarding a records department, “You people are either lazy or stupid!”  I think the former describes my Nan she is lazy. I think it’s finally sinking in that people are not going to flock to her to take care of these needs and somethings she will have to do herself. 

I know she wasn’t always like this, in fact during WWII she worked in a factory and before that she had employment but after that it seems the world owes her everything and she let everybody know it.  I guess I’m a recovering enabler because until 2004 I let her get away with a lot.  In fact I contributed to her behaviour but not anymore.  I highly doubt I’ll receive a card from her but then again I never thought she would call me.  “I can’t use the phone, it’s too hard.” Well she figured out the phone in a hurry when she wanted to talk to me I had been calling her once a week and instead of calling her on a Monday I choose to call her on a different day.  She panicked and called me Tuesday morning figuring out the phone all by herself!!



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