Today at swim lessons I told Sean that he needed to listen to his instructor, for the most part he does but yesterday he didn’t really listen necessitating our instructor to wave me over.  So today I told him that if he didn’t listen he wouldn’t get to go to his playgroup.  Well guess what he did terrific!  So we get in the car and head off and I run into a problem.  Namely the 210 East Bound, I see a sign that reads “Slow Down, Prepare To Stop”  I had the radio on but hadn’t heard anything.  Last night when I watched the news I saw the story that two separate Cal Trans workers had been killed on two separate days so I thought it might be a warning to slow for a construction zone.  Well traffic grinds to a halt, at first I don’t panic I simply turn up the radio (I’m trying to listen for traffic reports)  Finally after about 20 minutes I call my husband, he tells me that it’s an accident.  So again I don’t panic until I hear Evelyn gagging.  Then Sean shouts, “Spit up, Spit up!”  Well then Evelyn starts crying and I can’t get off this freeway!! I’m trapped and it’s 101 degrees and my coolant is climbing too.  This adds more to my stress and panic.  I am literally stuck between two exits and there is no shoulder to speak of to stop and the traffic is so sporadic that I wonder is it worth it to stop?  I call my husband and cry and yell and swear and carry on.  Finally after an hour I go one mile and get off the freeway and take surface streets. My stress is now falling since I’m off the freeway however, now that Sean sees that we are surface streets begins screaming, “I want to see my friends! I want to see my friends.”  (this goes on and on)  I go to unbuckle Evelyn and she is covered in vomit, I find it so surreal I snap a picture.  After the camera opportunity I go and unbuckle Sean during that time she must have puked again for she is completely covered.  So I grab a clean towel from the dryer and get my daughter.  I tell Sean to play outside and he does which is nice I give Evelyn a bath get some clean clothes and then take apart her carseat so I can clean it.


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