What is 4th??

I remember an old Jeopardy Answer This is known as the Cleanup Position and the answer is the title of this post.  Today I did a massive cleanup, I went to our condo to clean the carpets, remove leftover hardware, scrub cabinets and windows.  I began upstairs with the thought in my head that shit runs downhill.  Ahouseholdkate was kind-generous-wonderful and loaned us an upright carpet cleaner.  I started my work at 10 past 9.  I had to empty and refill that machine over a dozen times but I got that room done.  On my way downstairs I noticed the banister railing could use a good clean so I added that to my list.

It was odd being inside the condo with it being empty.  I remember when Anonymous and I first went through it when it was empty.  We were newly married and sans children I thought about that while coming down the stairs before tackling the carpet downstairs.   I attacked the coffee and high traffic stains.  The kitchen was next the cabinets were doused liberally with Krud Kutter and a brush.  Mr. Clean went to work on the banister rail and window cleaner got the water spots off of the window but that was probably for nowt since it started to rain afterwards. It was a little after one o’clock when I left for a food break.  I couldn’t get to the wallpaper today and that pisses me off. We have to turnaround this domicile so we can rent it.  My anxiety level is through the roof I feel as though I will never get it done.  Compound that by a billion with two kids and new home to square away.  I know it will get done I’m just super frustrated.


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