Generally on Tuesdays Sean, Evelyn and I venture out to an indoor bouncy house so Sean can run around in an enclosed area for two hours.  Once in awhile we can obtain vouchers for food at local restaurants, today was one of those days.  As I buckle Sean in I tell him, “you have to eat your food first then you can play.  Also if Mommy tells you that you have to leave you gotta listen.”  So of course I get the “yes mommy” but nonetheless proceed to get food.   So Sean has eaten and is playing for about 15 minutes when Evelyn decides it’s time for a tantrum.  I need to get this baby home so I go inside the Thunderdome to retrieve Sean.

I call his name, he ignores me.  I call his name again, he looks at me.  I tell him we need to leave and he hides under a plastic step and laughs.  I then have to crawl inside this play-jungle to get my son.  I grab a wrist he breaks free and shimmies up the steps.  I see an opportunity and snag a belt-loop on his Levi’s, tears and screaming ensues. Other parents glare at me through the glass separating the Thunderdome from the restaurant the looks I get from other parents is actually funny because I don’t care.  I take Sean out doing a modified frog-march.  As we get back to the table and I’m gathering up our things I say somewhat loudly, “When Mommy tells you it’s time to go you go!”

An older gentleman sitting at the table behind us gave me a smile and deep head nod.  It’s nice to have support in parenting decisions instead of the looks I got from the other parents (who were in my age range) which screamed let-your-son-do-whatever.


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