We moved the other day, into a proper house, no more shared walls for the Anonymous household.  While we were buying the house the air conditioner was stolen.  Probably by some pipe-head or whomever for the copper parts.  The air conditioner was replaced and we moved in.  Our first night in the house we we’re settling in, Anonymous and I were sort of dozing when a sharp hissing sound emanated from outside.  Anonymous got up and checked the front of the house and I stayed in the bedroom while I heard some other noises.  In the morning we had forgotten about it.  However when I turned on air conditioner no cold air came out.  I switched it off and told Anonymous we then looked at the unit and the copper pipe had been snipped.  So our first night in the house we managed to chase off a would be stealer of an air conditioner!!! Tomorrow a HVAC repair unit is coming to hopefully repair the unit.  Once again living in the IE you can’t make this shit up!!


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