Bring on the Mud!!

In a few days the Anonymous household will be moving to a new home.  Our family of four will be in a home where everyone can have their own room and we won’t be sharing any walls with our neighbours.  I haven’t been this excited since being pregnant with Sean and Evelyn.  This past week I’ve been slowly been moving in bits and bobs to the new place.  I’ve set up the bookcases in Sean and Evelyn’s room.  I’ve transfered the bathroom supplies and hopefully tonight I can move some other things over.  It’s really made me think about all the things that we’ve done over the past 8 years.  When Anonymous and I got married  I moved into his apartment, then we moved to another apartment. When Anonymous and I bought the condo we are currently in it was during the housing boom/bubble.  Everyone knows that era we were all playing musical chairs and then the music stopped and what we sat in we were stuck with.  I knew that one day we would upgrade so to speak but I regarded it as more of a dream.  It’s nice to have a dream come to fruition.  I know that the move will be tedious and frustrating but my friend AhouseholdKate’s momma has a poster that say’s “If you pray for rain be prepared to deal with a little mud!”   I’m ready to pull on some boots and deal with the mud.


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