Adventures in my car

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Well, I was on my way with the kids so they could play with friends when the car started to hum.  The humming grew in intensity then I saw a huge piece of rubber fly off and smack the car behind me.  I pulled over to the side and since I was close to an exit I took it.  A gas station was near so I pulled in.  When I went to examine the car for damage I noticed that my front right tire was completely missing.  Another car had seen what had happened and stopped to help, thank you Edna!

Another call to AAA and my husband was placed and we waited.  The spare was put on, Anonymous got a ride and drove us home. Why is it that my car always breaks down near crack addicts or crazy homeless bums?  Why can’t it ever stop outside a Chuck E Cheese or a book shoppe? Here are some shots I took with my phone.


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