I have a lot of frustration with our car.  I love the fact that it is paid off, one less bill.  However, it has given me plenty of grief.  In December of 2010 I was at a shopping center with the kids when I turned the key and car ran rough and shook so bad I was looking for the rioters rocking my car.  I called my friend Caroline to help me wrangle the kids until AAA showed up.  I also called my husband and he started arranging transport to get the kids.  When AAA showed up (two hours later) the driver was reluctant to take the car to the dealership I wanted.  In fact the driver told me, “the car doesn’t seem that bad you can drive it home.”  (my friend Caroline couldn’t believe what she heard either)

The car went to the dealership and the mechanics could find nothing wrong.  Two days after I got the car back I was sans kids when it started shaking again.   I limped it to the parking lot of an abandoned restaurant.  In the parking lot was a homeless man who was screaming at people.  I had the pleasure of his company for an hour before AAA showed up this time.  My tow truck driver this time took me to my dealership after I told him where it was his English was non existent.  When the mechanics saw me at the dealership again they panicked and flew into action.  A faulty ignition control module was to blame note this is the third the car has been through.

So last night Anonymous comes home from basketball and tells me that the check engine light is on again.  He borrowed a code reader and apparently the car is running lean but I refuse to drive it.  Who knows when it will die again and I’m getting pretty bored with being towed.  I am beyond frustrated with my conveyance. (below is the screaming dude)


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