I find it amazing how the elderly and the young emulate on another.  Most are not steady on their feet, have trouble doing some basic tasks, generally don’t listen and throw temper tantrums.  I went to Kaiser yesterday, while there I went to member services to see if they could once again fix the problem with my name.  (No one seems to be able to read and the nurses keep calling by my middle name since they have no clue what a comma is.)

Meanwhile back in member services there is an old man who has some equipment on his lap.  His name is called and the fireworks begin!

“This CPAP machine never fit right and neither did these!”

“OK sir, did you want to lodge a complaint?”

“NO, you need to give these to somebody who can use them.”

“How long have you had them?”

“Take them!”

“Are they damaged?”

“No! They never fit! I had bariatric surgery, lost 120 pounds I don’t need these.”

“Sir, we can’t take them.”

This sends him into orbit!

“somebody needs to take these! ”

“how long have you had them?”

“Over a year”

Anyone else see a problem with the elapsed time?

“well we can only take things after 180 days, and there are other restrictions on what we can take back.”

I understand this, we all know (or should) that you don’t reuse needles.

The agent lets him know that there is a medicare option he can look into but he is having none of it!  He is adamant that he will do nothing more and its the agents problem.

When the agent lets him know that it was in his right to dispose of them he freaks!

“where is the nearest trash can!”

He bolts through the door then comes back 45 seconds later, “they’re in the trash!”


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