Are you high?

Finally got a phone call from the roofing company today.  The guy on the end of the phone was either clueless about his job or his mind was significantly altered by a pharmaceutical.

“Yeah, Hi.  We got a work order for a leaking roof…uh…uh…can we schedule that for tomorow or Thursday?”

“Certainly, I’ll be home all day tomorrow.”

“Uh…uh…well we have another roof in that complex tomorrow. Uh…uh…uh…well.  Let me call you back and then we’ll schedule someone to look at your roof.”

“Actually, you have been out before and have seen the roof.  You have recommended that either the cricket be extended or a drain be placed in the center of the roof.”

“Oh, yeah! There is a lot of history here in this file including pictures…I’ll call you back.”

Still waiting for schedule phone call.


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