Didn’t feel too great yesterday.  Post-nasal drip slowly morphed into a plugged right ear and I have a cough as well. It seems that Sean has the same thing, he voluntarily went to bed around 7 last night instead of rallying about the unfairness of going to bed around 8:30.  Luckily for me Anonymous’ week is not that hectic so he could take a sick day to take care of me and Sean.  I just feel guilty that he’s burning up a sick day on me and that I can’t suck it up and just plough through.  One thing I do not feel guilty about is having a great husband.


One thought on “Sick

  1. If J. is anything like M., he probably enjoyed the chance to take care of his strong-willed, stubborn wife. M. has told me that while he admires my strength and willingness to handle most things, he does sometimes miss those chances to be the man-who-provides-and-cares-for-his-family type of guy.

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