Another Big ‘Un

Took Sean to an indoor bouncy house arena today so he could play without incinerating in this monstrous heat.  Whilst Sean was making his way through an obstacle course I sat on a bench to monitor his progress.  An older woman motioned to the empty space beside me in the is-this-space-occupied and I made the appropriate gesture of it’s-free-go-on-and-sit-down.  After a few seconds she said, “you look like you’re ready!”  I shook my head a bit and said, “not until October”   Her eyes widened and she looked down again, “Just one?”  I said nothing and just nodded in the affirmative.  She expelled a breath and said, “I’ve been a OB nurse for a very long time I thought you were due soon

Shortly after this her youngest grandson was meddling with the older one and she was needed to mediate the dispute.   About a half hour later our paths crossed again and I asked her, “So in your opinion how much bigger am I going to get?”  With her head cocked to side she said, “Well you either have a heck of a lot of water in there…but I think you’ll have a nine pounder.”

So we will just have to see what will transpire in the next six weeks.  I wonder if the impending one will follow in Sean’s poundage?


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