Stuck in the middle

On Wednesdays a movie theatre in the area offers a free movie day.  Generally the films are about 3-5 years old and are kid friendly.  I have been going with a friend and her son who is Sean’s age. I got a text saying she would be late and I thought nothing of it.  I went to the concession stand to buy a popcorn to split.  It was my turn and I approached the counter when I hear a shrill voice, “Come on!  Some of us want to see a movie!!”

I did not recognize the voice and was pissed! As I was turning around I bellowed “You’re bloody rude!”  Well it turns out it was my friend.  Unfortunately there was a woman between her and myself and she thought that we were going to have a throwdown with our three year olds in the middle of the lobby.

Both of us quickly calmed the woman who had started breathing heavily and had broken into a sweat. All that was needed was Stealers Wheel to be playing in the background.


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