Sad but legitimate

I overheard something the other day in Kaiser that gave me one of those laughs that really isn’t a laugh because it’s not that funny. A girl had placed her intake form in the slot, many pieces of paper were in the intake slot so when a nurse came out she took all of them. Later on the girl rang the bell, our site has a sign that reads “If you have been waiting longer than 15 minutes for service please ring bell”. When the nurse came out the patient said that she had been waiting for her appointment and was made that she had to wait. The nurse asked her for her name and the girl gestured to some paperwork the nurse was holding.

“This is you?” The nurse asked holding up the paper.

“Yeah!” the girl screeched.

“Well there is no name on it. This page is blank, as is this page, as is this page. These need to be filled out.” The nurse stated as she calmly showed the blank areas.

“Well I can’t fill that stuff out because I don’t know who the baby daddy is.”

It was at this that I gave the laugh since it was a sad but legitimate reason for not filling out the form.


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