What’s My Name?

I’ve been to Kaiser about a half-dozen times this year for reasons not related to my leg which is refreshing. I have had the recurring problem with my name at this facility. For some reason they think my middle name is my first name. I remember the first time it happened, I had been released from the hospital after being rehydrated after a nasty bout of hyperemesis gravidarum. I was asleep and my phone rang and they asked for my middle name which coincidentally was my mothers name. Me being half-asleep I mumbled, “She’s dead.” This led to an awkward conversation but the person on the other end assured me that the issued had been resolved. A few other times after that it happened but the nurse was quick to correct the problem. Today I got called my middle name, and yes I am blaming the hormones, I flipped a bit. I took out my anger on this poor sonographer. Of course this person happened to be the nicest person on the planet and I eviscerated her. I apologized profusely and then explained the history of my name. She was so accommodating that she put a note on my electronic record so hopefully I will actually be called my name and not my middle/mothers!


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