The Front

Well our new HOA board member has already made more progress than the others that our roofing problems may be over soon (don’t hold your breath though).  Our yard is put together so you would never know that there was a gaping hole in the front.  However, you can tell from the inside.  I asked Anonymous the other day to move the sofa away from the window.  (I’m a weakling and can only move the love seat.) Well when it was moved we saw new damage.  The drywall will probably have to be replaced as will the carpet.  This whole situation is so awful it’s actually funny!  I’ve been humming the Empire Carpet theme song and we’ve looked into other providers of flooring.  There’s a running theme of no prices but all have a complimentary home estimate/inspection person.  Well if I’ve done our taxes right we should be able to fix our bomb shelter!


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