Adventures at the Dollar Tree

I’m not a frequent shopper at the Dollar Tree but once in awhile I’ll stop in and let Sean pick out a balloon or toy.  During one visit Sean picked out a hobby horse which he still loves, best $1.09 I ever spent!  The other day the Anonymous family needed some time to kill and as we drove along we saw a Dollar Tree and stopped in. I must say IMHO that it is a great place to watch social interaction.

I found some clips that I decided to purchase.  Whilst in line there was a mother and her teenage ducklings.  Her cart was loaded with stockings and other various holiday related junk.  What I couldn’t believe was that she was complaining to her kids about perhaps spending 50 bucks here.  Since she was so incensed she nearly took my eye out with a roll of wrapping paper.  The woman behind me gave me a look.  We exchanged looks again when the woman behind her whips out her cell phone.

“Hello! Um, yea!!  They think she a bitch cause she say what on her mind. Yeah that’s what I told her too.  Naw she ain’t a bitch.”

The woman behind me merely clutched her basket of carpet deodorizer closer to her chest.  Meanwhile the cashier is swirling a barcode on the scanner as if she’s trying to wax it.  Every so often the scanner will beep in affirmation that it had accepted to code.  While some were sighing in the line I merely watched.  It was entertaining to see the cashier that had seemed to be at wits end.  As the reciept is being printed the woman in front of me makes a request.

“Do you have Christmas cards in Spanish?”

The cashier looks panicked. “Um, I think so.”

“Where are they?” The woman demands.

“They would be with the others you have to look.”

The woman seems to deflate at this news that she would have to pick through all the boxed sets of cards.  She grabs her bags and announces to the groans of her children that their next stop would be K-Mart.

The cashier proceeds to genoursly apply hand sanitzer before motioning me forward I hand over my clips and sufficient currency.

“Is this all?” She asks.

I nod get my receipt and join Sean and Anonymous outside.


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