The Hustle

This is the account that happened about 5 minutes ago. My doorbell rings so I answer it on the doorstep is an 11 or 12 year old boy (Take note this child is clean and well groomed…obviously cared for).

“Hey can I have some money? I haven’t ate all day.”

“Where’s your Mom?”

“At the grocery store.”

“When did she leave?”

“30 minutes ago”

I laugh, “You can wait.”

He turns to leave.

“Hey did you go to school today?”

“No I stayed home.”

“With your mom?”


“Why didn’t you eat then?”

The boy shrugs and takes off. As I close my gate I yell, “If you’re really hungry I can make something.” Two girls on bikes told me he had left. Man, the hustlers here get younger and younger and less creative.


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