Luck or Pity?

Today I had a good day. I was able to get out of bed without hating the world, made breakfast and drove Anonymous to work. Sean and I watched Sesame Street and my intent was to wear him out at the park before Costco opened. On our way to the park I noticed Sean breathing heavily–he was asleep! I couldn’t believe it, our boy had passed out at 9 in the morning. I drove around so he would stay asleep and when he woke we finally made it to Costco.

I spent over an hour at the wonderful wholesale before heading home. After a brief respite it was off to the supermarket for other odds and ends. While at the market I utilized a coinstar. I wanted to redeem all the loose change for a giftcard for Anonymous. During the counting process the machine jammed. I started to panic knowing my luck the machine would break, I would be denied a refund or worse. The whirring inside the green Tardis like box increased before it flashed “unable to process request”. I almost laughed until it flashed “Printing voucher” the readout stated that my money would be refunded in a voucher. The green box whirred again and announced that it was printing. I then noticed that this machine was taking an extremely long time. In my mind I knew what would come next…no voucher. Well it seems fate has taken pity on me and I received my voucher for my 50 bucks worth of change!

I hope this is the signal for more good things. A few know that we have had a rough patch in the last few weeks and as of right now things seem to be on the mend. I don’t know if it is luck or pity I am experiencing but I’ll take it.


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