Night of the Living Dead

Last night I saw a High School production of ‘The Night of the Living Dead’. Having been a fan of the black and white sixties version I was anxious to see this. All the actors wore a combination of black and white and wore gray makeup to simulate the film. When the play began it was a great theatrical interpretation of the film. However towards the end of the first Act a scene was delivered with a lot of comic relief. I understand the need for comic relief yet it seemed to kill the mood. The play continued in the same serious vein but the momentum had been lost. Once the seriousness had been reestablished it was once again cut short by a series of comic bits. The zombie dance from Thriller at the end was a nice touch! I really did like this play and it was the first High School production I have seen in a long time that has been unique and not a Neil Simon work. My only negative thought is the confusion myself and some of the other theatre goers expressed after the play. Was this supposed to be a serious homage or a comedic satire?


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