My Morning

Had nightmares last night due to eating a piece of cake with chocolate frosting an hour before bed so this morning was shaping up to be a pearler.  I get into the shower hoping to get warmed up from the trip from the bed to the shower.  I turn it on, adjust the temperature (just shy of boiling as Anonymous states) and get in.  So I’m in the shower for less than a minute when I notice that the water pressure on my head has diminished.  I look up and see that a seal and blown and geyser is being shot all over the ceiling.  Cursing I turn off the shower and yell for Anonymous.


“What is it?”

“A seal has blown.”

“A seal…what?”

“Just get up here!”

He does and them I’m told this particular shower head has no regulator the seal was manipulated compensate.  The only way it can be fixed is with a new shower head.  Scowling with wet hair I proceed to towel off and get dressed.  This event seemed to set the tone for the rest of the morning.

Coming back home after dropping Anonymous off I went into the kitchen to finish making my breakfast.  Sean comes to the gate, then goes to the table and snags something.  My bagel pops up then I hear a sound.  I instantly know what Sean has grabbed, the packet of Goldfish and has proceeded to dump them all over the tile floor near the front door.  I just have this feeling that this day is going to suck.


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