The Merry Go Round From Hell

On Friday I phoned the HOA hoping to get someone, anyone, to discuss the roof situation.  Since the representative for this complex an extremely high rate of turnover I have no clue of who I need to speak to or what extension.  I can’t get ahold of an operator so I end up leaving a message.  A detailed message that went something like this.

My name is Daalny and this call is regarding unit 48 in Figment Complex on 123 Nowhere Street in regards to our roof.  The roof has been in need of replacement since 2004.  In 2008 the roof was finally replaced.  However, the replacement was not done correctly since the roof still leaks.  Could you please call me back at 999-999-9999 to resolve this problem.  Once again my name is Daalny and my number is 999-999-9999 thank you.

So this afternoon I’m outside on the porch trying to get a doctor’s appointment for Sean.  I’m almost done with my appointment when two men bark at me over the gate “Sandra? We’re here for the air conditioner!” I motion for them to give me a minute since I’m on the phone, I get the call done as quickly as possible.  I hang up and address the two gentleman, “First of all I’m not Sandra and second I didn’t call about an air conditioner.  What unit are you here for?”  (I ask this because I always get contractors showing up at my door for another unit)  They respond “48” and gesture to the number on the front of the gate.

“I called the HOA on Friday but that was for a roof repair.”

The two look at me strangely, “A roof repair?”

“Yeah the roof has been needing to be replaced since 2004.”

A look of shock and horror pass over their faces before they turn around and bolt away.


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