Pushy Petitioners

Yesterday I went out the supermarket to get provisions.  Outside was a table with a sign that said “Stop High Rates!”  It was drive to get signatures for a proposed ballot measure.  One of the women yelled at me, “I bet your energy bill is high!”  I responded with, “Actually since we got our new air conditioner it has been the lowest in years.”  She looked shocked but then quickly shifted gears to get me to sign.  I asked for the measure so I could read it.  As soon as my eyes lock onto the paper the woman starts barking at me.  I politely told her that I wanted to read the measure.  Again she starts yelling information and then rips the measure out of my hands to flip it over so I can read the measures “Bill of Rights” so to speak.  I state again that I want to read the measure.  I then get a look of indignation and asked , “Don’t you want lower energy bills?”  I told her, “I want to read the measure to make sure that is what it is going to do.”  Again she flips over the bill and points at nonsense.  I yell “No!” and walk away with Sean in tow.  If I had been able to read the measure and I might have signed it.  As I walk into the store I hear the woman muttering to her cohort about how stupid I was.  Immediately my Mother’s voice popped into my head, “That’s the great thing about a free country you can sign whatever you want!”

The last time I worked with a petitioner was at CSUF and they didn’t want me reading the measures either.  Before that I stopped by at one of these tables to re-register since I had moved.

“Are you a U.S. Citizen?”


“What state were you born in?”

“I wasn’t born in the United States.”

*petitioner looks confused* “Are you a U.S. Citizen?”


*petitioner looks at the paper*  “What state were you born in?”

*me laughing inside*  “I wasn’t born in the United States.”

This went on until I told her I was naturalized.


One thought on “Pushy Petitioners

  1. Good for you! It’s always enlightening to read the actual content than to be forcefed statements that aren’t always true!

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