Teenagers and Purses

Yesterday I took Sean for a walk at Victoria Gardens.  Since this is an up-scale open-air walk about mall I decided to dress a bit more formally than normal.  I ditched my jeans and obvious ‘Mom’ shirt in favor of a long brown linen shirt dress.  However, my shoes were my trusty NewBalance’s, I do have a flat pair of dress shoes but for the amount of walking I had planned and being with Sean my feet needed to be encased in something that wouldn’t cause me pain after 15 minutes.

So Sean and I are walking hand in hand down the main street and I get a few looks from teenage girls.  I watch as their eyes look up and then down and then the quivering-twitch of lips start.  Fortuneately most of these teenagers have some politeness for they don’t say a word.  However, I pass a restaraunt and on a bench is group of teenagers I then hear it.



“Hey nice shoes!!!”

So I whirled around opened up my purse and stabbed them with the heavy duty Phillips head screwdriver I carry…Actually I pulled aside the hem of the dress to reveal my left knee and a good portion of my scars.

“When your lower limb has been virtually replaced with metal you cannot wear high heels.”

I then turned back around and continued walking.  Before I turned completely I saw the look of horror sweep over their faces, that complete look of “Mother of God help me!”


Later on the return circuit Sean and I cut through a department store so Sean could ride the escalator. As we near the exit we see a woman in a mirror with an armful of purses–all black.  The first one she had was very nice and the second was not.  As we passed her I casually said, “The first one suits you.”

“really?’ She said eyes lighting up.


“I’ve been here for three hours and haven’t gotten any help.”

I proceeded to tell her why I thought the first purse was better and while the other purse was cute it was something my neice would sport.  Turns out she had come in to return the purse she had bought the day before and when I saw it I told her that she should keep it for it had all the amenities that she wanted without making her look like the Grandma of 3.9 kids that she was!

At least there was something redeming about our trip out yesterday!


One thought on “Teenagers and Purses

  1. You always have such adventures! I had one of those foot in mouth moments today when I commented on a license plate holder that said “Specializing in SOLD” on the bottom. Later on, I realized that it was one of my fellow mom’s cars and the top was her website for her realty business. Oh well.

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