Like A Greek Tragedy

I did it again.  Considering the last time was two years ago I think that maybe it wasn’t that bad. Once again a phone call from my maternal grandparents have has caused angst and now guilt. Every Monday unless something comes up but nevertheless once a week I receive a phone call from them.  Ever since Sean was about four months my grandfather would say the following “What are you doing today? I suppose nothing?”  I generally gave a meek answer of “well I can’t do a lot with a bum leg and a newborn.” My granddad would then reply with an “Ah”.  After I was walking but still encased and limited by the fixator and the question was asked I would fire back with “What would you like me to do?  Paint my house and then go hang-gliding?”

Today I snapped!

Granddad asked, “What are you doing today–Nothing?”

“You know it really pisses me off when you always say that.  What do you want to hear that I need to scrub my toilets, go to the store and take Sean to the park so he can work off his energy?”

I then got a mumbled apology and an explanation that it was only his way of sparking conversation.  So now I feel like a piece of crap.


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