The Right Leg??

The area where my right leg meets my body has been giving me grief for awhile now.  It started in physical therapy about a year ago. The pain seemed to manifest itself the most during the time of the month when my body would remind me that I’m a woman. The therapist declared it was overcompensation of my right leg for my left and had me do some stretches.  Over the past few months it has gotten worse, I went to the doctor last friday.  He tried moving my right leg across my body and the leg wouldn’t move.  After a full exam we have a tentative diagnosis of a torn ligament that holds up my right hip.  WTF???  During the exam the doc kept asking if I had had any prior hip injuries such as a fall.  The only fall I know of resulting in injury was to my left leg.  The doc orders a pelvic X-ray to rule out a fracture and osteoarthritus, I’ll get the results sometime this week.  Someone upstairs must be taking the piss.


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