Not so much in the pumping iron sense but in the relief of tension and stress.  Yesterday Anonymous and I looked into refinancing our abode.  However, it would cost us more money in the long run to do so.  The mortgage/finance guy was extremely patience and helpful and we learned a lot.  So we’ll hack it here for a bit save up some money and then buy a new/old home in the future.  The weightlifting comes from the fact that we have now explored our options and we don’t have the niggling voice of “If I’d only done that…or looked into this.”  Hopefully we can continue to beautify our place; Anonymous is currently demolishing the front yard and I’m engaged in a purge of trash novels and other junk I have accumulated throughout our stay here. I must remember the great words of “Home is where you happen to be!” Things are ok with us.  We love where we live even with our colorful neighbours we are happy. While it still would be cool to have $100,000 fall from the sky I’m not going out of my way to make it happen.  Status Quo is great for now!


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