More Languages

In the evenings I have been tutoring Mr N.’s little sister J. She is in the United States for High School and needs help with cultural situations and English. Yesterday I had to explain the positions and rules of baseball so she could understand a the poem “Casey at the bat”. Mr. N and J’s Momma is also here. While they mostly speak English during times of stress they slip into their native tongue of Arabic. Yesterday I could have sworn I became fluent! There was something on the stove so J yells through the screen door to her Momma that something was burning. A yell was then issued back in Arabic and to me it sounded like “Well take the food off of the stove you moron!!” Sure enough J goes to take the pot off of the stove and since I found the situation funny I began to laugh. I then had to try and explain why I was laughing while laughing which is a language all by itself. Luckily Mr. N. came home from work and explained for me. Ahhh the languages of the human race!


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