DMV Woes

My driving licence is set to expire on Friday. I haven’t received any notification or details for renewal so I decided to go to the DMV. On Monday I tried making an appointment but the first available appointment is on May 5. I decided to bite the bullet and go in early for a non-appointment appointment. Apparently the Redlands DMV opens at 9 on Wednesdays instead of 8. A man waiting in line said the DMV has done it in retaliation for the furloughs and other things our Governor has proposed. While waiting in line I got to meet some interesting people. One man was holding his license plates and I asked “What’s wrong with the plates?” He tells me that the DMV only sent him one and he was given a warning by a Police officer that he needed a front licence plate as well as a back one. He then launches into how much it will cost and the other members in line echo the chorus of “those bastards!” I make a gimme motion with my hands and he passes me his plates I take them in my hands and gently bend them causing the second plate to spring free. I calmly pass them back and say “Here you go.” This macho Latino guy shrugs his shoulders in a defeated and somewhat embarrassed motion as the whole line laughs! The gentleman then went off to place his two plates on his car and I was heralded a hero in between bouts of hysterical laughter.


2 thoughts on “DMV Woes

  1. That’s hilarous!!! I have to confess that I am guilty of something similar. When we bought Turtle (our stationwagon), it had paper plates on it. We did all the paperwork and received registration stickers in the mail,but no plates. We thought it was odd. So on Thanksgiving, I say something to my brother who goes out at, looks at the car, and then shows me that the plates are right underneath the paper ones! I felt so silly and never thought to look under the paper plates. I now know for next time. I think DMV is a test of common sense in our society. =) You passed!

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