Professionally Procured Pictures of Projectiles and Prophylactics at the Park!

My Anonymous husband has written about the things found at the park and I have some more to add. Before Sean’s stunt I noticed many a condom and the wrapper(s) strewn about and fluttering in the breeze. Don’t get me wrong, Condoms are an awesome way to prevent the spread of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Just have some frakking courtesy and throw them in a rubbish bin when you’re done!
Today as I parked the car I noticed a clinking sound as I walked around to get Sean out of the car. I looked down and I see what looks like a bullet casing, sure enough I pick it up and it’s a 9mm. Then I notice more of them. So the park is place to play, get drunk or high, have sex and fire semi-automatic weapons.


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