Sean’s Stitches

Well Sean had his first trip to the ER today.  Sean and I were at the park, I was with him on the playground equipment.  There was another group of kids that Sean wanted to follow.  He tried scampering up a large step meant for adults so I placed him on the the little kid steps right by them.  Trying to impress a girl Sean leapt from the little kid steps to the big kid ones like Superman and fell.  His brand new teeth chomped right through his bottom lip.

I scooped him up and another mother gave me a baby blanket and we put pressure on his mouth.  I called Anonymous and told him that I was on my way to pick him up and that Sean most probably needed stitches.  Sean got three stitches on the inside and two on the outside of his lip.  I took a picture of Sean with Anonymous and the stuff they used to stitch him up.



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