This word is thrown around a lot! It was on COPS last night that *bleep* disrespected my wife!  Or that was soooo disrespectful! Today I saw disrespect in all its glory.  The Anonymous household packed ourselves up to visit Anonymous’ Mum, Dad and Brother.  We called beforehand to see if the roads were clear and we were given a warning that the flatlanders were about.  The flatlanders are the ones that decide to pack up the family to see the snow with no forethought to preparedness.  I saw children with no coats or proper shoes.  As we neared the turnoff which would lead to the small neighbourhood for Anonymous’ family we saw the line of cars.  There was hundreds of them, instead of going into town to the resort area set up specifically for “snow players” you had people playing in two-lane traffic.

When we finally entered the neighbourhood there were people playing in peoples yards.  There was trash littered everywhere, I personally saw Lay’s potato chips, Miller genuine Draft and candy wrappers stomped into the snow.  I had never seen anything like it.  How would these people feel if I showed up wearing a swimsuit and traipsed around their lawn while the sprinklers were on?


2 thoughts on “Disrespect

  1. For full effect you should show up with lawn chairs, a cooler full of beer and candy wrappers and then leave that shit everywhere when you leave. If they ask you to stop, say, “But I”m just enjoying a day in the sunshine with the kids. They never get to see this stuff !” 🙂

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