Sometimes the right thing is a luxury

According to one scholar it shouldn’t be a luxury it should be a necessity, that’s ethics after all… right? For the past 6 months or so we have been receiving mail, more specifically a bill, for someone whom has never lived here. I have dutifully scrawled “return to sender” and “No longer at this address” with the score line through the address window as directed to by my friendly postal clerk. This has done me zero good. Either the piece of post gets lost in the shuffle and never makes it back to the source or it does and is ignored.

This morning I gave them a call, a very nice woman named Jennifer in Cleveland answered my call. She was distressed to hear that I have been receiving the mail after I have notified the post office. She connected me to the local warehouse and I left a message. The manager called me back within five minutes. Either this guy didn’t understand or perhaps it’s me. I told him that I have owned and lived in this property going on four years and have not rented out anything to the individual in question. I also stated that I have been returning the mail and since it was obviously not getting to it’s intended recipient could it please be stopped. It would be good for everyone. The company would save 35 cents on postage and hey a tree gets saved.

He keeps telling me that he has to send it, and I tell him that’s not going to any good the guy doesn’t and hasn’t lived here, you are wasting your time. Finally a breakthrough of sorts, he says “I’ll call him since he gave us the wrong address.”

So say we all!!! Perhaps now you can collect your money, this guy can get his credit rating sorted out since hes incurring a f%&kton of fees and I can stop getting this dudes mail. Doing the right thing can give you a headache.


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