Fiddler on the roof is wearing cleats

The roof. The roof and the home owners is like a merry-go-round from Hell. Instead of carved horses, bears and lions, you get to ride demonic hell spawns as it spins out of control. Yes our roof still leaks, yes I have called the HOA,contractors have been dispatched but nothing of consequence has happened. Round and round it goes.

I phoned them yesterday to notify them that the roof still leaks and that my neighbours have roofing issues as well. My quiet neighbour has had tiles loosened and water has settled underneath causing it to rot. My colourful neighbour has leaks in his garage like we do. The reason I relayed these issues is to help illustrate that the problems are very real and need to be addressed. The chick told me that the owners themselves would have to call and register their complaints. I told her I understood that but she should be made aware that there is more than one unit with bad roofs. While this new chick actually answers the phone with her temperament she could argue with a bulkhead and win.


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