No Good Deed Makes For A Great Story

Today I went out to pick up Anonymous’ prescription.  Anonymous told me to use the basement pharmacy he has been frequenting since it’s quieter and generally quick.  I packed up Sean and headed to Kaiser.  When I got building 2 basement I found the pharmacy but it was locked.  I inquired at the desk about the pharmacy and was told that it was shut for lunch.  However, if I was in a rush I could go to the second floor pharmacy and get the prescription transferred.

By the time the pharmacy transferred the scrip and filled it the basement pharmacy would probably be open so I decided to wait.  I walked Sean around Kaiser, we looked at the fountain and other features.  Finally the time came (13:30) for the pharmacy to open.  I walk in and give the pharmacist Anonymous’ number and give a description of the medication.  A few clicks of the computer and the pharmacist tells me “Oh I have to fill it, it’s been returned to stock”.  Inside I’m dying of laughter.  Kaiser does have a policy that if the medication is not picked up it is returned to stock…after 7 days.  I refilled the prescription on Saturday via the online system (the basement pharmacy is closed weekends) and that system told me the medication would be ready on Monday at Noon.   I even stated somewhat coyly “You filled the prescription on Saturday?”.

I just wish people would tell the truth, just tell me that you didn’t fill it that morning.  Don’t lie and say it went back into stock.  I take a seat and take in my surroundings that’s when my anthropological skills of participant observation kick in.  I notice a woman in the back of the stock area and for lack of a better word she is pissed.  Her aggravation seems to be directed towards a gentleman in the back.  I hear the words “mopped, wet, mat”.  It’s about this time that I notice that my eyes are burning as well as my throat.  Generally this happens in the presence of perfume which I’m allergic to.  The only other time I have felt this way is in my Grandparents bungalow, located in the south of England, very prone to mold.

The gentleman makes an appearance and he’s dressed in the uniform of the environmental/maintenance profession.  The pissed off woman has made her case and the gentleman went to get a carpet dryer fan.  The fan goes on and the pharmacy tech who lied to me whirls around and shrieks “This isn’t going to work!! That fan will blow all the prescription papers around”.  The gentleman sighs dramatically and says “I’ll turn it around”.  The pissed off woman then makes another appearance, in a voice just perfect to be heard by everyone but delivered in a tone which made me question whether or not the whole lobby should have heard it, she states “No more patients after this, we’re closing.  Infectious diseases was down here we can’t have people”.

With this information out it was interesting to hear the abrupt stop of conversations and see the sidelong glances from everyone.  It was as if everyone was reacting to a collective fart. The pharmacist, who should have been filling prescriptions to get people underway, is on the phone.  I guess Kaiser employees aren’t immune to the robot phone devil since she couldn’t reach the person in the pharmacy two floors above.

The prescription is finally filled, I go to the desk to claim it.  The pharmacist tells me that the sink in the back of the pharmacy broke over the weekend and flooded the floor.  Since the pharmacy was closed over the weekend it wasn’t noticed until today.  I told the pharmacist that my allergies were acting up and that I was allergic to mold.  She told me that the pharmacy was going to be shut and the floor completely replaced.  “Good idea” was all that I needed to say before I busted ass out of the biohazard basement.


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