Lightning Strikes, Maybe Once Maybe Twice

Yes, this is true.  You can’t make this shit up.

Last night Sean had a bad night, he would not sleep.  We did the usual calming routine of holding and then putting back to bed.  Around 2200 he geared up again for another marathon crying session.  Anonymous got up and took Sean downstairs.  I was tired but got up so I could go downstairs.  So I’ve got both hands on the banister rail and I’m going down the stairs sideways (I can’t go downstairs facing forward).  I miss a step and once again become a projectile.  I manage to land but since I’m sideways I split my arse along the landing step, the edge of the stair boring into my coccyx.  Luckily my leg is not hurt, this comes on the heels of yesterday when my surgeon pronounced me 100% healed.   So now I have a bruised arse and pride…at least the leg feels better.  However, my arse hurts like hell!!  The reaper must be laughing his arse off at me!

30 points for who gets the title


One thought on “Lightning Strikes, Maybe Once Maybe Twice

  1. Oh Claire. We must buy you one of those little chairs that go up and down the stairs for you. I hope the healing process this time is a little faster.

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