My Travels

Everyday if the weather is good I take Sean out for a walk.  The walk is more for me, I enjoy the chance to get out and the walking is counted as therapy for my healing leg.  I take the same route most days which allows me take in my surroundings.  Generally I notice if the bushes in the apartment complexes are trimmed.  Today I saw a truly-dead opossum… like dead-dead.  What I really wonder about is the dick drawings scrawled on the pavement.  What the hell is that about?  Whatever happened to good old hopscotch squares?


3 thoughts on “My Travels

  1. Hopscotch squares are more of a rarity nowadays. The last one I saw went up to the number 21. I think the little girl was trying to show off or wear out her competitor.

  2. There’s a funny story from David Sedaris about the graffiti. When he went to Japan, he was shocked by the lack of penises (pl?) and just the lack of needing to write on everything around. He appreciated the fact that Japanese respected their vending machines enough to keep them clean. I don’t know what that’s about, it surprises me more when I see it in women’s restrooms. Maybe it’s our way of marking our territory.

  3. Maybe someone was trying to make a hopscotch map, but it ending up looking kind of circle like so they changed it to a penis to cover up their lame mistake!

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