Cinema Paradiseo

No not the italian foreign film althougth it is a mighty fine film. I’m talking about the wonderful gift Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery gave the Anonymous household yesterday.  Ahouseholdkate stayed with Sean while Eclectic Nerdery drove Anonymous and I to the Cinema.  Tickets were already purchased so we just strolled/hobbled in and watch “The Dark Knight”.   Bloody Brilliant is all I can say.  The only part that made me squirm was when Batman dropped a mob goon and both his legs broke.  I can say from experience that the noise was 100% correct.  Both Anonymous and Eclectic Nerdery said I flinched and flailed at that bit.  After the freaking awesome movie we came back to the house and took Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery to late lunch early dinner.  All in all it was a fantastic day, I rub my ticket stub to reclaim the high!!!!


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