Yesterday was a trip to orthopaedics, I have learned to not get any hopes up.  I checked in and was told to get my cast off, check back in for an X-ray then go to my appointment.  I was already in a bad mood since my postcard that was sent told me my appointment was at 3pm but when I checked online it stated 11am.  Anonymous and I split the difference with 12:30.

While waiting in the lobby area of the cast room my name was called.  I stood up and found that a radiologist had said my name.  I told her “I haven’t got my cast off yet” I was nearly knocked over by the force of that woman’s sigh.  Is it my fault that the computer sent the wrong orders or that the cast room is behind?

My mood got worse when one of the medical assistants, whom I know quite well, came to check on me.  He told me “You know you need to get an…” I didn’t give him a chance to finish “I KNOW!” I barked out.  Anonymous decided that I needed a cookie, I hadn’t eaten anything that morning.  After the cookie I got my cast off after a cursory examination of my leg I found twelve distinct scars. I was given a wheelchair since the technician was worried about me stepping weird.  “It’s like stepping into a hole” he said.

I had my X-ray and the medical assistant who I chewed out called me back.  I apologized to him and told him that I hadn’t eaten and I shouldn’t yell at him.  He shook it off, apparently he gets yelled at frequently hearing that I felt exponentially worse for giving him a hard time.  My orthopaedist came in and uttered the words I have been desperate to hear, “Healed Fracture”.  He said “Imagine the bone as a circle. Now take that circle and make it a square, for a fracture to be considered healed you need three walls of that square”.  I asked, “How many do I have?”.  “Four” was his answer.

After reviewing my X-rays and a medication change I was sent back to the Cast room for a Cam-walker.  I have an orthopaedic appoitnment in two months instead of the standard six week circle-jerk that I’ve grown accostum to.

The best part of my day was coming home and having a bath in which I could immerse my leg, something I haven’t been able to do in eleven months.

By the way walking without the cast or Cam walker is like stepping into a hole.


4 thoughts on “Twelve+Four=Leg

  1. Wait, isn’t the fourth wall meant to be broken? And how does a circle get four walls? Are you sure they aren’t making this up as they go along? 😉

    Congrats on no more cast! 🙂

  2. Bones are not perfectly round. They look more like squares or triangles with bowed sides instead of straight edges. So her having four walls means she’s actually healed very well.

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