The Kingdom

The Kingdom, was nestled in the center of a wooded land. It was secluded yet it’s gentle architecture was welcoming. However, looks can be deceiving the Kingdom was well fortified and armed. All the citizens of the Kingdom were compelled to serve for 5 seasons in the Guard to assure the defense of the Kingdom.

One citizen chose to serve in the Guard after the compulsory 5 season term. The Citizen showed great aptitude in weaponry and combat. Training dutifully, doing everything the Swordmaster’s and Armourer’s asked without hesitation.

Soon it was time for the Citizen to transform into a Guard. The shedding of the old ways of being a Citizen was relatively simple. Now the inhabitants only saw a Guard, a protector. The closest Realm which was Nine days ride by horse was feuding again. Instead of lashing out at it’s neighbours it was deteriorating from the inside. The citizens of the Realm were at odds with the government and soon replaced them by force.

The Realm was now unstable and starving. With the uprising the farmers and labourers abanadoned their positions since they were promised “riches” from the revolter’s. No one else would tend the crops and the shop merchants had long since fled. The revolter’s had cut the head off the snake but forgot that the snake could still bite and inject it’s venom.

The remaining inhabitants now desperate turned their sites to the Kingdom. The Guard mobilized ready to defend the Kingdom. The Protector readied for the upcoming battle and joined the rest of the Guard. The Guard deployed and flanked the Kingdom defending it from the Horde of the Realm. The battle turned out to be no more than a skirmish. When the inhabitants of the Realm realized that they could not overthrow another government they returned to their lands to rebuild.

On the way back to the Kingdom the Protector fell instep with a fellow member of the Guard. Both were looking forward to toasting the victory. That night the entire Guard became warm from the amber liquid being passed from cup to cup. The Protector enjoyed a single cup of the mead and observed the festivities. The other members of the Guard were not so steadfast in their resolve of the liquor. The Protector was enlisted to escort a fellow Guard home.

During the short walk to the domicile, the fellow Guard began to recount the tale of greatness complete with gesticulations. However, the gesticulations were punctuated with a dirk. The Protector went to disarm the fellow soldier. Upon seeing the Protectors intent the Guard went wild, the Protector was able to subdue the soldier but at a heavy price. The dirk had been lodged in the Protectors arm!

The removal of the dirk brought pain and then numbness. The arm could move but the hand lacked the dexterity to grasp and flex, it simply curled into a loose fist. With the ability to wield a sword gone the identity of the Protector had also fled. Trying to keep the morale of the Protector up the other members of the Guard saw fit to make the Protector the Quartermaster. Instead of patrolling the Kingdom the Quartermaster patrols the Armoury. No more battle plans to be drawn, instead lists and inventory. The only time swords are handled are when they are given to members of the Guard who are the actual Protectors.

Watching a rerun of Rome when tired will result in this.


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