Solutions, anyone?

Sometimes I read or see something that stays with me. I usually end up muttering to myself, gesticulate wildly and up looking like a nutter that you pass by on the street corner. On Tuesday 30 Days did a swap with a hunter, placing him in a P.E.T.A/Vegan household. He had to volunteer at a rescue farm and the woman who ran it was fanatic.

Her arguments basically boiled down to, eating meat is like the holocaust. WTF??? I have seen the posters which compare a pile of bodies from the holocaust to a pile of pigs from a slaughterhouse. The shock effect does work for some. However, where are the solutions??? Yelling into a bullhorn and waving spirit-fingers at your fellow followers is not really going to promote your cause. Most activists (doesn’t matter which kind) will tell you the Why of something is important but not the How of incorporating into daily life.

Okay, so Meat is murder everyone avoid it. Do you know how expensive it can be to be a vegetarian? I gets more expensive if you’re going to be a vegan. Do you know how to cook up a block of yummy Tofu? Do you even know what Quinoa is? With everyones busy-busy schedule fast-food restaurants can be a very convenient option. How many Soy-burger fast-food restaurants have you driven by?

Instead of throwing paint on people wearing fur or waving shocking posters how about handing out flyers with vegetarian/vegan recipes on them. Petition the companies that make soy products to reduce prices to entice people to try their products. (Five bucks for 4 garden burger patties when you can buy ground beef for 3 bucks and make a great deal more is better for most families budget) Inform people about alternatives instead of berating them over their choices. Remember the expression “You catch more flies with honey then you do with vinegar?”. Bursting into rooms like the fucking Terminator and acting like a lunatic when people are eating or buying meat will not endear the people you are trying to convert. Did no one learn from the Spanish Inquisition?

Solutions, people. Solutions. Also some niceness.

Did you google quinoa?


2 thoughts on “Solutions, anyone?

  1. Here’s my take: The production of meat can be very wasteful and harmful to the environment so encouraging and buying meat from sources that are a little more mindful of more humane treatments and better environmental policies should be encouraged. Humans are designed physiologically to eat meat. You can get very sick if you’re not careful about getting all the amino acids and vitamins that meat products can provide (ie B12) so I think eating meat is important as long as its in moderation. However what I have real problems with is the idea that animals are like humans in terms of feeling and sensitivities. There is little evidence for that. We know animals can feel pain, but that doesn’t mean they are processing it in the same fashion that humans are. But I wholly agree, acting like a freggin’ manic in some hope of converting the “misguided” masses to your form of thinking is not only misguided but also not really going to work. My sister had some freak throw a bucket of ketchup on her because she thought she killed an animal to make her jacket (it was faux fur). Not only did it piss my sister off, but the offender just looked like a mindless jackass.

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