Pleasant Change

Today Miss C., Sean and myself went out! Anonymous left me the car and gave me some encouraging words and a subtle hints to get out of the house. I got dressed in “normal” garb and went to see if I could find a discount V-slicer. While the outing didn’t net the success of finding the exact item it did net something better! Today was the first day in a long while where I didn’t have

  1. Little kids staring at me
  2. Someone runaway from me
  3. Someone say:
  • Jesus Christ what happened to your leg?
  • What Happened?
  • Ouch!
  • That must hurt!
  • Doesn’t it hurt?
  • Are those metal things actually in your leg?
  • Those things don’t go through do they?
  • Oh My God!!!!
  • I could never have that!
  • Ewww!

2 thoughts on “Pleasant Change

  1. If you ever miss it, you can let me know and I’ll yell, “Jesus Christ, what happened to your leg!” as often as you’d like until you feel stability once again. 😉

    Glad that things are returning to normal for you!

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