Sean the Sickie:Health Insurance Rocks!

Sean has been a little off kilter since Sunday.  His appetite decreased then came the “D” Diarrhea.  Yesterday Anonymous phoned the advice nurse at Kaiser to see if there were things we could do for Sean or whether or not we needed to bring him.  The advice nurse was super patient and wonderful (all of the advice nurses have been so far)!  However, we were told that if the diarrhea persisted for 48 hours that we should get him looked at just to make sure nothing else was amiss.

Today Anonymous went to work and Sean was still green around the gills.  I called Anonymous and he came home early from work and gave him a bath.  I called Kaiser around 4:30 to see if I could book an appointment for the morrow and they said that we could come in at 6:15 today!  Sean got seen by a well seasoned pediatrician and that Sean probably has a viral stomach bug.  However, he is still well hydrated and besides the runny diapers is a perfect baby.

The pediatrician was very patient with us and there was no chastisement about being a new parent for bringing in Sean.  I even told the Doctor, “I’m smart enough to know I’m dumb about kids”.  On our way to the hospital I told Anonymous “I would rather pay a $15 co-pay and have an expert tell me I’m stupid then worry all night”.  Anonymous backed me up with, “We got health insurance, lets go use it”.

I had phoned in a refill of my pain medication a couple of days ago.  This morning I checked to see if it was ready but it was awaiting authorization from my surgeon.  While at Kaiser Anonymous called the pharmacy and the medication was ready!  One less thing for me to worry about!  Sean will be cranky for at least a week maybe more since diarrhea is slow to resolve in babies but I can go forth armed with knowledge.  Sean will be 9 months in 3 days and this is the first time he’s been sick.  Anonymous and I think he must have caught the bug from a shopping trolley.

Hopefully our son will get better in the coming days.  Hopefully my leg will get better in the coming weeks!! Either way I love Health Insurance!!


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