Yesterday, was a weird one!  With the roofers tearing off the old roof and preparing it for the new one it sounded like a prison riot.  Miss C. and I were cloistered in the living room when all we could hear was the pounding of a water like device and shouting of full grown men.  There was lots of banging and more shouting.

After the roofers left the door bell rang.  Miss C. answered it and a gruff voice asked her if she was the owner of the home.  She gestured for the person to step inside but the individual was not forthcoming.  I said “Please come in” and instantly saw why this individual hesitated.  It was a San Bernardino Police Officer.  Turns out our neighbours roommate has gone missing and he wanted to know whether or not I had seen him.  I told the office that I was pretty much housebound and gestured to my broken leg.  The officer asked me some questions that I answered and then left.  I have no clue if this officer will return or what happened to the guy next door.

When Anonymous and I went to bed we nearly phoned the police again.  A couple of units down some tenants were having a shouting match/yo mama fight at 11:45p.m..  Anonymous and I spent the rest of the night making a song called “Ghetto Bells” set to the melody of “Silver Bells”!


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