What they would want

Today is the first year anniversary of a death of a good friend. My friend sister Ahouseholdkate lost her younger brother last year and it was a blow for many people. I have been thinking about her, her mom Ms. M the-living-saint and her brother Mr. Meyer, since the month of April began. I wanted to call her this morning but I didn’t know if she or Eclectic Nerdery were having a lie in bed.

Anonymous, Sean and I went to visit L.F.P. and her parents at their lovely home. We mentioned wanting to visit Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery and they said “Do you want to invite them here and we can all have dinner?”. It was a fantastic idea, Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery brought their new “baby” Juniper over. It was an outstanding dinner which transformed into a spectacular evening. Even though today is a tragic anniversary it was a good day. I think thats what Peter would have wanted he was never the type to wallow in misery and I doubt he wants his Momma, siblings and friends to do so.

I used to hate August since that was the month my Momma died. When I found out Sean was to be born in August something inside me loosened. When Sean was born on the 18th (which was the same date as my mom 18th of Nov.) I think it was her way of telling me to let it go. Tonight I am going to watch my episodes of Wildboyz and Jackass on my iPod in memory of Peter…I think that’s what he would want.


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