Start Again

I had physical therapy today it ran a little long but I got some very good attention from my therapist. She got my foot to pop a couple of times and it felt so good. It was refreshing to have something other than pain emanate from this leg of mine. Up until Friday I was doing well with my pain management. I was taking less pills and I was going to step down to a less potent set of painkillers. Friday night killed that. However, as much I would like to crawl into a hole and never come out I can’t. I have to begin again. Get my pain under control and then begin the process of stepping down.

A couple of nice things did happen today. Mr. N. told us to swing by his house after physical therapy. He had bought us lunch which will be tomorrow lunch! Before Kaiser Visit number: GKW (God knows what) the Anonymous household had to return some items. While in a shop we saw a lovely humming bird feeder and thought it would be perfect for Ms. M-the-Living-Saint. After therapy we dropped by her house to give her the gift and our thanks.

We talked for awhile about gardens, glass and family. Anonymous and I laughed our butts off when we found out that Peter bought Barbie dolls as a kid so he could rip off their heads to stick on the spokes of his bike!


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