Pleasant Surprise

Today was another physical therapy session. As I was walking into the “area” my therapist gave me an assessing glance. She wanted to see how my muscles were doing so instead of the gym/torture chamber I had a nice 30 minute session of stretching, flexing, tightening and massage. I left physical therapy with a smile on my face! My therapist had already been pinched since she didn’t have a stitch of green on her. I told her about wearing Orange and I was able to save her from further pinches thanks to Mrs. J. Spink. She gave me some shamrock stickers last Saturday and I took them with me today. I also gave shamrocks to two children in the physical therapy lobby, their Mother was most appreciative.

After therapy we went to the Apple shop. My iPod has been slowly losing battery life and only holds a charge for about 30 minutes. I had a Genius Bar appointment a week ago and instead of ordering a new battery you get a whole new iPod. One wasn’t readily available on site so it was ordered and I picked it up today. I was also able to apologize for my behaviour. On my last visit to the Apple shop I was in quite a bit of pain since it was also after a physical therapy session and the clerk seemed to be very distracted and unorganized. I ended up snapping at the clerk although “biting head off” would be a more fitting description if you ask Anonymous. I said “I want to apologize for my behaviour last week while I was in pain it’s not an excuse for what I did I’m sorry” he was shocked and said “It’s okay” I replied with “No it’s not it was a rude thing to do and my Mom raised me better than that”. He asked “what would your mom do?” I said “reconstitute her dead ashes from the sea and give me a stern talking to”. He laughed finished up my order and we left. While walking/hobbling back to the parking structure the lady trolley operator stopped in the middle of the street and gave the Anonymous gang a lift!

Since we were already out we finished up the day at Costco for bog-roll and other incidentals and Lowe’s for some pipe insulation and other child-proofing accessories. My pain seems to be lessening these days or I am able to tolerate it better. Either way it makes for less pills and that pleases me. I was reading an article in Cosmopolitan (an actual article and not sex tips) about prescription pill addiction.

If the pills are genuinely being taken to deaden physical pain, they do just that, but when used in the absence of a legitimate medical problem, says Dr. O’Brien, that pure hit of delight can become “the genesis of addiction”. ~April 2008 edition Cosmopolitan

I have been worrying over taking pills since August. I have had doctors tell me that it’s fine. When I run out of pills and ask for more I feel like criminal. Again the doctors tell me that for me it’s ok. I can’t believe it took an article in Cosmopolitan for me to actually believe it!


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