A Day in the Life

Our tap in our kitchen sink has been giving Anonymous and I grief for awhile. We went to Costco yesterday, after physical therapy, and bought a new tap and a Reverse Osmosis Water tank. Anonymous’ Dad came down to help with the sink.

Anonymous gave me the boy at 9:11 a.m., I was still in bed but I was awake. Something at work had broken and only Anonymous could fix it.  This was after 4 phone calls were made, who knew pushing a button required a Masters degree. The boy and I played for a bit but then he fell asleep on me. I couldn’t move for if I did Sean would wake up and let his displeasure be known. At 11:00 the boy woke, hungry, and Anonymous took him downstairs so he could get fed. I took 10 minutes to get dressed, use the facilities and then scooched downstairs and took over Sean’s feeding. He ate like a ravenous beast wolfing down a huge serving of rice cereal and then two helpings of carrots.

After eating I unhooked him out of his high-chair and shuffled/hobbled to his play area. I got Sean on the floor with his toys while I adjusted my limbs so I could join him. Noon rolls around, I finally give in and have a painkiller half-hour later it kicks in. Meanwhile Anonymous and Grandpa Anonymous are working under the kitchen sink removing pipes, copper tube-y things and valves. I got up once so I could get something from the garage and Sean screamed his head off, I don’t know if 6-7 months is the age for separation anxiety or if I’ve spoiled my son.

I came back to Sean and then noticed it was 1:45 and that Sean’s fussing was probably due to hunger so I proceeded to feed the boy. The tap we bought wasn’t compatible with our sink so we had some decisions to make. Do we get a new sink? Do we return the tap and buy a new one? Meanwhile The boy has promptly finished his bottle and is now asleep. Anonymous leaves to fetch lunch for the household and to ponder the situtation.

2:30 p.m. Anonymous returns with food and Sean is now awake. A decision has been reached the tap will be returned to Costco and since there is a Lowe’s right next to it a new tap will be purchased. 2:45 the Anonymous boys (all 3) gear up and venture out. 4:00p.m. means another painkiller leg is extremely sore from physical therapy and the day out yesterday.
4:13 p.m. Boys return from expedition! I play with Sean he finds a hermetically sealed feminine hygiene product which he is enamoured and plays with. After 20 minutes he gets bored with Mom and lets his displeasure be known, I call Anonymous over for a switch off.

5:00ish I go upstairs to open the windows and turn on the house-fan to cool off the abode, I take 10 minutes to make the bed and use the facilities. Come downstairs feed the boy he once again falls asleep. During this time Anonymous is turning water to the house on and off to check for leaks.

6:34 p.m. The new tap is installed and I can hear water running into the sink. Sean wakes up and is upset that he is with his boring-broken-Mom. Anonymous takes the boy, Grandpa Anonymous has finished with the sink and is off home. Sean waves good-bye. Anonymous and Sean hang-out.

7:00 p.m. Anonymous takes Sean for a shower, I begin writing the days account. 7:30 the boys appear all clean. I take Sean and type on handed.

8:00 p.m. I have not seen the new tap after a diaper change I ask Anonymous to take Sean while I take a look in the kitchen. I make a bottle for Sean and while Anonymous feeds him I wash the used bottles from earlier today. Leg is still bothering me so I have another painkiller. Around 8:20 Sean is done and is put to bed by his father. Now it’s almost 9 and Anonymous and I are starting to unwind. In about an hour it will be bedtime for us both. Will we sleep? All I know is tomorrow is another day.


One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. A FULL day. Glad to hear that your life is getting closer to normal. I was actually REALLY happy to hear that you’d (gasp) made the bed. Shawn’s eating solid food? I would guess that’s kind of good. I’m sorry about the sink. It seems you guys have had lots of water related issues lately. As for Shawn thinking you’re a boring old mom, well when he gets old enough I’ll just have to put him into a half-nelson for that one. We’ve been thinking of you guys. We’ll have to meet up soon.

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