Yesterday was a sinners preview.  It must have been because it was Hell!  I was sick, puking and generally feeling crappy.  Being nauseous on crutches, hobbling to the toilet and then leaning over so the meager contents of my stomach can make it into the bog.  My frame smacks against the toilet so I really had to lean.  Plus our Baby whined constantly.  It wasn’t really crying but this whining cry that went on for 3 1/2 hours.  Interlaced with full out crying I’ve never known a child that can cry in the inhale.

Miss C. was the devil in disguise I’m sure of it.  Ever seen The Exorcist?  Drawers weren’t moving but there was this uncanny knowledge being passed. I tell you it was a sinners preview of what my personal Hell would be like.

Today is much Better.  I got a good nights sleep I went to bed at 8:00 pm and actually slept.  Anonymous had a crappy night so it’s that pully system.  When Anonymous is good I’m not.  When I’m good Anonymous is not.  Sean is just Sean.  Lets hope this better-ness carries through the day.


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