Rip on through to the other side

I had another physical therapy session today. I tried the elliptical machine, this time I thought I could do it. After nearly getting my frame ripped off and scaring LOLs (little old ladies) with shout and a cut off expletive it was back to the treadmill. I hate the treadmill.

I ditched my crutches this past weekend on Sunday. I hate using them so I’ve decided to only use them when I’m tired. I promoted in my exercise routine, my therapist is very pleased with my progress. My left foot has a nice turnout, Janys would be proud! However, my therapist is not happy with it. I told her that it takes all my concentration to put the foot straight and then when I move the leg the foot just wants to go into the classic “first ballet position”.

I got a sort of massage on my foot to try and stretch the muscle so my foot will be straight. I tolerated it well but I gritted my teeth and let out a groan. I told my therapist that my pin was ripping my skin. After the stretching session she briefly exited to make another appointment. When she came back I showed her the torn area of my left ankle. I also told her “When I say I feel like it’s (the pin) is ripping it actually is” since many patients will say “I’m dying” when they’re not.  I think that my therapist understands me now, I tell her when I think I’m “cheating” on an exercise and she listens.  If I can’t do an exercise I tell her and we modify it.

I even found out that she e-mailed my surgeon apparently this isn’t done.  I asked her if she could make a recommendation that the pins be removed.  If they were I could do many of the exercises and use the equipment.   I will just have to see what the 29th of this month will bring but I think it will be very little since I have two weeks of physical therapy booked in March.


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